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The Woman in the Dunes - E. Dale Saunders, Kōbō Abe
Niki Jumpei is a teacher, but his true passion is entomology. His biggest dream is to discover a new type of insect and have his name written in the encyclopedias of that science. After thorough study he has decided that his luck will be in the desert, in the sand it's very possible that a beetle would have involved in order to survive. So he decides to take a trip and search in the desert. After many hours of walking and searching in the sand he meets a villager that informs him that the last bus has already left and he agrees to stay the night in one of the houses in the village. 
This is when his nightmare begins. They accommodate him in a house in the bottom of a pit created by the sand dunes, in which only a woman lives. Every night she has to dig through the sand walls in order to protect the house and that very first night he helps her. But the dawn comes and no one lets him out of the pit, neither a word is said of him going away. This is when he understands that something is amiss. As the days go by he tries various ways of escape, but all of them fail.
Full review at: http://thereadingarmchair.blogspot.gr/2015/04/review-woman-in-dunes-by-kobo-abe.html
Source: http://thereadingarmchair.blogspot.gr/2015/04/review-woman-in-dunes-by-kobo-abe.html